Moral, Legal and Ethical Issues that Resonated Personally

The lens I viewed many of these issues through surrounding the integration of social media and technology has broadened significantly these past few weeks with the development of Supplementary Learning Plans available to parents and teachers alike.  The once side by side learning model of technology integration to enhance learning has shifted to online learning.

As an educator, my favourite, life giving, rewarding and reason for being a teacher is the daily interaction through face to face interactions with my students and their families.  Thus, as I consider attempting to recreate such within a new context, the issue of copyright continues to resonate as I peruse lesson planning templates and resources available.

The Fair Dealing Decision Tool which @CurtisBourassa mentioned intrigued me.  This tool permits teachers to use resources without needing copyright permission before hand.

A Walking Curriculum: Evoking Wonder And Developing Sense of Place ...

For example, I am choosing to create lessons for my classes surrounding the Walking Curriculum by Gillian Judson and wanted to include an abstract from the book for each lesson however that is 20% of the text.  The Fair Dealing Decision Tool approves 10% thus back to the drawing board I go.  

After reviewing the site, the Copyright Compliance Checklists are very basic and I feel this would be an opportunity for such information to be further reinforced.

Questions moving forward for Professional Development;

  • Perhaps teachers should have to complete a detailed checklist or could a copyright list of what teachers are using each month through photocopy data be correlated to the copyright allowances
  • Could long range planning include copyright sources/percentage amounts?
  • If copyright is such an issue and the concerns of liability or misuse is occurring, could school divisions have a copyright educational lead in schools to promote fair dealing as well as support teachers?
  • Ministry has copyright officers available for support. Did you know that?
  • Learn and be consistent instead of hoping not to get caught?

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  1. I did not know that the ministry has support! I feel pretty lost in all these copyright laws and definitely need to become more informed. Thanks for your thoughts and ideas!

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